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Green Superpower: Crafting a Vibrant Brand Within Salads and Herbs


Vihreä Keiju


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The growth story of Vihreä Keiju began over 30 years ago. During this time, Vihreä Keiju has been dedicatedly cultivating salads and herbs year-round in the high-quality greenhouses of Honkatarhat and Kyröntarhat. From the very beginning, sustainability and environmentally friendly energy use have been prioritized in cultivation.

Our collaboration has encompassed a comprehensive overhaul of the brand and marketing strategy, bringing a fresh look to the brand. This renewal has also reflected in the packaging design, giving it a new vibrant look.


Our partnership has enabled continuous concept development, and we are proud to create a brand identity for them that captures their values. Vihreä Keiju dares, encourages, and makes life more enjoyable with its greenness. The appeal of the revamped brand lies in the twinkle in the eye, the courage to do things differently, and the quality behind their actions.


Effective Social Media Management for Vihreä Keiju

Additionally, we manage Vihreä Keiju's social media marketing. We use various platforms effectively to convey the brand's message, deepening our connection with customers and expanding the brand's influence.

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