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Our job was to create a brand identity for FinCap, a company that doesn't just construct buildings; they craft cohesive environments that effortlessly integrate into the community's fabric. FinCap's dedication centers on constructing more than mere structures; they build vibrant, inclusive spaces where people can coexist, work, and live in harmony.

The main difficulty was capturing their extensive portfolio in a way that is easily understood and accessible to all. To overcome this challenge, we conducted numerous interviews with employees and conducted extensive research, delving deep into their diverse portfolio to ensure a comprehensive and relatable brand identity.


FinCaps's visual identity is all about embodying their slogan, "part of the whole." At its core is a distinctive hexagonal logo that can be ingeniously cut into graphic shapes to create different architectonic shapes. It's a visual representation of the belief that every piece plays a vital role in the greater whole.


Strong and Distinctive Brand Identity

We designed their website with a twist. Using 'part of the whole' as a guide, we incorporated a distinctive element: a colored block with cutout text. As you scroll, it unveils an underlying video, encapsulating their slogan and philosophy.

Our photography style is an artistry that sets us apart from the competition. We focus on capturing the essence of our developments through vivid, real-life photography, steering clear of the common practice of relying on rendered images. This approach ensures our projects are showcased authentically and stand out with a touch of creativity.

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