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Champ Mushrooms: Finnish Nature on Your Plate




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Together with Champ, we embarked on a creative journey to design a renewed brand identity, packaging, and marketing strategy.

Additionally, we have the privilege of being a marketing partner for Champ on social media. Here, we continue to narrate the brand's story and strengthen its presence.


Our goal was to create a brand that connects consumers to the domesticity of mushrooms and pure flavors. The heart of the brand identity lies in the mushroom pattern adorning our packaging, symbolizing our commitment to bringing Finnish nature to the plate. From the packaging to the images and color palette, every detail now reflects the Finnish spirit, so Champ is more than just a product – it's a piece of Finland on your plate.


Champions Unearth the Beauty of Finnish Nature with Champ Mushrooms

Finnish celebrities have been embracing the beauty of nature alongside Champ mushrooms, showcasing their appreciation for both. From serene forest picnics to scenic hikes in the Finnish nature, these celebrities exemplify the harmonious relationship between people and nature.

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