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Åland Distillery: A Taste of Åland's Nature


Åland Distillery


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Åland Distillery Gin is the first gin from the Åland Islands, perfectly reflecting the island's nature, from its distinctive red rocks to the invigorating sea breeze that envelops this unique locale.


The gin has a round, balanced and spicy taste of juniper, lemon, coriander and yarrow. With its unique seasoning, Åland Distillery Gin is best suited with something sour, such as an Åland Distillery G&T which is made with sea buckthorn and lime, or as a Sour with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Blood Orange + Basil Long Drink is made by mixing Åland Distillery Gin with blood orange juice and basil. The result is the taste of summer all year long. Åland Distillery Long Drink has a full taste – there is a taste of juniper berries, the freshness of blood orange and a hint of basil.

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