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Kot & Go: Elevating Tradition with Poultry Delights


Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo


Product identity /


Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo has become known for its high-quality, delicious, and traditional cured meat products. As consumers increasingly favored poultry products, we embarked on designing an entirely new product family for this legendary brand. The end result of our design process was the Kot & Go poultry product family, excellently suited for everyday cooking and busy days when having quick, ready-to-eat options is essential. In the design of the Kot & Go poultry product family, our aim was to preserve Kivikylä's tradition while infusing it with a modern, distinctive, and attractive look.


As a result, we designed packaging and a brand identity that appeals to a diverse range of consumers. We maintained the recognizability of Kivikylä's popular products while highlighting the uniqueness of the new product family.

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